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Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A

Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A. is an Italian company that is packing potatoes and onions for over 120 years.

Today, the Ruggiero’s Group, has a range of packing facilities located in the main Italian producing areas such as Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Lazio.

The Ruggiero’s Group has offices in the most important growing areas in Italy, Europe and even outside Europe.

The company sells potatoes using an extensive line of brands, including:

  • Naturella Patate
  • Patate 100%
  • Le Piccole (Little potatoes)
  • Le Novelle (New potatoes)
  • Con te ogni giorno (With you every day)
  • Lui & Lei (He & She)
  • Le Patate di Montagna (Mountain Potatoes)
  • Viva L'Italia
  • Patate Italiane (Italian Potatoes)
  • Patate Chef
  • Patate di Qualità
  • La Viola
  • Patate Olandesi (Dutch Potatoes)
  • Specialità Francesi (French Specialty Potatoes)
  • Patate in Scatola (in a box)
  • Belle nel Cuore
  • Patata Dolce (Sweet Potatoes)
  • Formati Famiglia (Family Packaging)
  • Regionali
  • Sapori D'Italia
  • Patata della Sila IGP (Potatoes grown on the Sila plateau in Calabria, a protected geographical indication)
  • Alto Viterbese IGP (Potatoes grown in a number of specific municipalities in the Province Viterbo; a protected geographical indication)
  • Colfiorito IGP (Red potatoes grown on the Colfiorito plateau, a protected geographical indication)
  • Patate Bio (Organic Potatoes)
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Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A
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    04010 Borgo San Donato - Sabaudia LT