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Deville Technologies Canada

Deville Technologies is a solutions oriented manufacturing technology company that caters to food processing companies of all sizes that require sanitary, durable, practical, and efficient food cutting equipment.

Deville Technologies has over 40 years experience in the sanitary food equipment industry, and they’ve been in the food cutting equipment business for more than a decade. They are also the exclusive North American distributor for FAM, one of the most respected brands in the food cutting industry.

Whether the company is a small dairy that produces cheese blocks and needs a cheese cutting machine for shredding, cubing, or dicing into specific profiles, or a large provider of prepared foods that requires shredded, sliced, or diced cheese, meat, fruits, or vegetables in their final product.

The Company provides custom-tailored industrial food cutting solutions that respond to all the clients needs, without compromise. Every detail is meticulously thought out so that they can deliver a solution that surpasses all expectations.

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Deville Technologies Canada
  • 8515 Henri Bourassa West
    Montreal QC H4S 1P7