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E Green Global (EGG)

EGG is the only company that manufactures microtubers on a commercial scale. E Green Global (EGG), has received verification of its Microtuber technology through the field tests in the US, Canada, China, and Korea conducted with major global biggest agricultural companies.

Microtuber technology has only seemed to exist in theory, mostly in a research and scholarly literature. Not only that, no company has ever successfully manufactured Microtuber on a commercial scale. EGG has managed to do just that.

EGG has developed a disruptive technology that overcomes the limitations of the current seed potato supply system and shall lead the global seed potato market as the forerunner. EGG is the only company that has successfully enabled “Lab to Farm” seed potatoes on a global scale.

EGG has established the plant factory platform 'Vurus-Free Microtuber" are mass produced in bio-secured lab with environmental control system via in vitro, tissue culturing of plantlets in sterilized vessels, then are directly planted in the open field to produce virus-free high quality seed potatoes in a shorter span of time compared to the conventional method, whereas conventional method requires five years or six years, while EGG’s method requires only one or two at a competitive price and productivity.

It will give farmers and customers better, faster, cheaper and more crops.
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E Green Global (EGG)
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