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Kunming Zidi Food Co., Ltd

Company Description
Kunming Zidi Food Co., Ltd. is a professional food company, mainly engaged in potato chip development, production and marketing. It uses the most advanced potato chip processing technology, supported by rigorous and scientific production technology and standard and strict production process control.

Since “Zidi” natural potato chips entered the market, it has become the top brand among similar products in Yunnan Province due to its excellent product quality, special flavors and the efficient and precise marketing, and the chips are deeply welcomed by consumers.

The company established potato planting bases in Yunnan in the form of “company + base” to guide farmers to produce high-quality potato and bring them benefit. Over the years, the value of the potato produced by farmers under company support has reached 40m RMB, and more than 30,000 farmers’ income has increased.

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Daguanglou Village
Yunnan Sheng
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