Kuntsevo Industrial Group

The Kuntsevo Industrial Group is a vertically integrated structure that carries out a full production cycle from growing agricultural raw materials, processing them to selling manufactured products throughout Russia.

The Kuntsevo Group has its headquarters in Moscow, and the cultivation of agricultural products and their processing facilities are located in the Vologda, Ryazan and Belgorod regions.

Today, the company has a stable market position, but does not rest on its laurels, and proceeding from consumer preferences and general trends, it is developing new types of products, mastering new areas in its activities and diversifying its business.

The fundamental principle of the company is the development of its own agricultural sector and the production on its basis of high-quality and affordable products.
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Промышленная группа «Кунцево»
  • Vereyskaya st., 29, building 154, «Vereyskaya Plaza»