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Makikihi Fries

Owned by the Bleeker family, Makikihi Fries was started in 1983 by Jac Bleeker, who came to New Zealand in 1952 from Holland.

Jac began growing potatoes for the other manufacturers and when the factory he had built for a crisp manufacturer in Makikihi became empty Jac decided to start making french fries.

Makikihi Fries golden fries are made from their famous golden potatoes grown right here in South Canterbury where Jac Bleeker lived. His son Mark owns the factory and another son Jeffrey still helps to grow potatoes required for all-year-round production.

Where other manufacturers may use paler fleshed potatoes - Makikihi Fries can always be recognized by their golden color; their taste and quality shine through.
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Makikihi Fries
  • 5 Makikihi Beach Rd
    Makikihi 7978
    New Zealand