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Prataap Snacks Private Limited

Indian Snack manufacturer Prataap Snacks Private Limited (Prataap) is a part of the BCM Group.

Prataap became operational in January 2010 with manufacturing facility for potato chips. Subsequently, it also diversified into „Puffs‟ and other extruded snacks during 2010-11. Prataap has also started new products like „Namkeens‟ and „Rings‟ in order to diversify into a wider range of products.

In 2012, the business of Prakash Snacks Private Limited (Prakash) was purchased by Prataap, leading to a significant increase in scale of operations of Prataap.

Prataap Snacks markets its product using brand name "Yellow Diamond".

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Prataap Snacks Private Limited