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Pure Foods Tasmania Pty Ltd (PFT)

Pure Foods Tasmania Pty Ltd (PFT) was formed in 2015 with the aim to acquire, grow, and develop premium food businesses in Tasmania. To date and in line with this strategy, PFT has acquired two businesses (which are held through separate wholly-owned subsidiaries)

Tasmanian Pate

One of Australia's largest pate businesses and supplier to many large retail outlets including Costco, Aldi, and Woolworths. Tasmanian Pate has been operating since 1996 and produces a wide range of premium pates in a variety of packaging sizes from 125g through to 1kg catering packs.

Chicken liver is the principal ingredient in pate and Tasmanian Pate has a preferred supplier (due to proximity and availability of ‘free-range’ product) in Tasmania. Tasmanian Pate’s principal customers are the major supermarket chains in Australia (Woolworths, Aldi, Costco, IGA).

Woodbridge Smokehouse

Woodbridge is a boutique producer of ultra-premium Tasmanian smoked salmon and trout and has been operating since 2004. Salmon and trout are sourced locally and then smoked and processed at Woodbridge's purpose-built smokehouse and processing facility, located on a 25-acre apple orchard on the south-east coast of Tasmania.

From its facility, Woodbridge Smokehouse produces a range of hot and cold smoked ocean trout and Atlantic salmon products which are sold to a number of wholesale customers, as well as retail customers through its website.

The business prides itself on using only natural 100% Australian ingredients and has established product and manufacturing links with Australian Made.

Woodbridge's products have won a range of awards and over 60% of its products are exported to Asian markets (principally Singapore and Hong Kong) and sold to high-end food services and retailers throughout Australia.

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