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Tayyebat s.a.r.l. is a manufacturer of frozen french fries in Lebanon. Established in 2011, the company gained rapid recognition, due to its extensive coverage of the Lebanese market.

Tayyebat has been launched after a deep understanding of the markets’ need to create value for costumers by providing high quality products year-round.

In 2011, our company entered the local market and gained rapid substantial reputation, due to its wide spread on the Lebanese territory. Tayyebat has also earned the trust of its customers and is considered one of the leading factories in Lebanon, equipped with the latest industrial technologies.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies and supervised by a team of qualified experts. These laboratories check the products to ensure their due date, quality, and confirmation with food safety standards. Our high quality services are internationally-recognized by certificates which confirm our compliance with global standards.

The manufacturing process is divided into four stages:

  • Phase 1: Harvested potatoes are carried from furrow to factories to be washed, cleaned from soil, and then peeled by high pressure steam.

  • Phase 2:: Peeled tubers are checked afterwards, and damaged potatoes are removed before cutting down the good ones.

  • Phase 3: Chopped potatoes are boiled to ensure producing a favorful fry that’s crispy on the outside and fully in the inside, to be then dried before being partially fried.

  • Phase 4: Finally, potatoes are cooled, frozen, sealed and preserved at -18 degree, and then distributed in cooled vehicles.
To meet our ultimate belief that quality generates a relationship of trust between us and the customers, Tayyebat place heavy emphasis on providing high quality products, thus, making our motto a reflection for our present and our future. We aim to preserve our place among leading companies in the industry. We also care not only for providing high quality products, but also for enhancing our service quality, delivering distinguished customer experience.

Our distribution team runs a meet of the latest refrigerated vehicles; preserving the quality of the product with highly dynamic temperature control systems. Our team also ensures a fast and wide distribution for Tayyebat products throughout the Lebanese territory.

Preserving the stability and validity of quality throughout the year is highly related to the selection of potatoes used in the process of manufacturing. In fact, the best potato crops are produced during summer times at Bekaa Valley. So, we aim to benet from the summer crops throughout the whole year by means of storing. Our team of qualifed experts has accepted the challenge, using advanced technologies to control and preserve the quality of potatoes up to 9 months, directly after harvest, and right up to the point of eating. Thus, Tayyebat succeeded in providing best storage services which preserve the freshness of its raw materials throughout the whole year.

As ensuring a good quality of raw material is crucial for the production of high quality products. We, at Tayyebat, pay a considerable attention to agriculture, that’s why we select proper plains for planting our potatoes, using scientifc and advanced technologies. We also exert efort to treat the plains in order to improve soil fertility.

Furthermore, Tayyebat choose the finest varieties of foreign seed potatoes best suited for its high quality products. At every step of the agricultural process, experienced engineers supervise the flow of the work, following the concepts of global standards and recommendations’ including Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
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