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Viva La Papa! S.A.C.

Viva la Papa! produces delicious potato chips, cooked in small batches by hand using potatoes and flavours from the birthplace of the potato, Peru

Viva la Papa! has three flavours including “Sal de Maras” (pink salt from the Andes), “Anticucho BBQ” and “Mixed Chillies and Lime”.

Packaging is quite unique!  5oz (142g) and 1.5oz (42g) bags that feature different textile headers with photos of some of the great characters we meet on our travels.

Daily, freshly harvested potatoes are rushed into Viva la Papa kitchens in Lima. After a wash and a scrub, potatoes are sliced into sunflower oil and cooked by hand in small batches.  Still hot, the chips are sprinkled with our natural seasonings.  It’s a very simple process that results in fresh tasting, crunchy chips with a vibrant taste of potato. We let the potato do the talking!

Viva la Papa! off set food miles with Planetair who reinvest in community projects in Peru. In addition, VLP supports Amantani, an association working in Cuzco providing support and shelter to children of Quechua communities in the Andes.

Viva la Papa!'s artisan chips are currently sold in Peru, Chile, the US, UK and Spain
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Viva La Papa! S.A.C.
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