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Zasso GmbH

Company Description
The Zasso Group is a Swiss company that applies advanced power electronics for a pure physical (electrical) method of weed control. Its subsidiary Zasso GmbH is involved in a project to apply the technology for haulm killing of potatoes.

Zasso is an innovative Swiss company that uses advanced power electronics to reshape weed control for a healthier future, knowing that a safer world demands less chemicals.

Its flagship product, the Electroherb, is a proprietary technology developed over the last 10 years to manage weed in an effective and efficient manner. Its breakthrough approach has been commercially proven through renewed contracts in the urban weed control market in South America. Its flexible, interchangeable applicators allow the Electroherb to be used in a range of surfaces and markets.

Zasso GmbH is the in 2016 founded German subsidiary of the Swiss based Zasso Group.

Zasso GmbH is involved in a project in Germany to use this technology for haulm killing of potatoes.
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