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Culture Pom

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

At Culture Pom, In Champagne, France, everything we do is driven by the ambition to develop and enhance the Potato production. Their families always worked in the agricultural sector and they believe that small producers of potato don’t have enough support to enhance their productions at export.

Culture Pom produces more than 15 000 tonnes of potatoes on its own, but trade more than 80 000 tonnes per year. To make their potatoes better than they did yesterday they are actively involved in varietal development with the establishment of numerous trial plots.

Their team buys potatoes pretty much everywhere in France. In order to ensure the highest standards of quality of the potatoes that they trade in partnership with more than 150 local potato producers, they provide a large range of services to support their partners such as : planting and harvesting, technical support and seed treatments, storage and packing.

They are working with a wide range of varieties and each year they select the varieties of today and tomorrow in partnership with several potato seed companies to best meet the demands of the market.

They are Global G.A.P. option 2 certificated in partnership with several producers and BIO FR 14 certificated of organic potato trading and storage. They are able to deliver their potatoes washed or unwashed, in small bags of 10 or 25 kilos, in Jumbo Bags, in boxes or in bulk.

To better serve their customers through the year, they remain attentive to their demands, they create relationships based on trust and provide support to their customers in order to ensure that supply meets demand.

It happens that they produce and trade great potatoes, and more than 80 well-known companies, already have chosen to work with them from 15 different countries from Europe.
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