Schaap Holland installs five Sormac MS-1T knife peelers

Potato specialist Schaap Holland introduced a new 'Grillerdoos' (Barbecue Box) during Potato Europe.

Potato specialist Schaap Holland introduced a new 'Grillerdoos' (Barbecue Box) during Potato Europe.

Septiembre 20, 2010

Schaap Holland B.V., located in the fertile Flevopolder, has more than forty years of experience in trading and processing potatoes and has evolved into one of the largest processors of fresh potatoes in Europe.

To peel its fresh potatoes, Schaap uses two peeling lines, the peeling section of which consisted of an abrasive peeler, a roller knife peeler and a flat bed knife peeler.

For a variety of reasons Schaap decided some time ago to search for an alternative for the two knife peelers. After a series of intensive tests using machines from various manufacturers, the company ultimately decided to equip one of the peeling lines with Sormac drum knife peelers type MS-1T.

The performance shown by this machine was so convincing that within a year they decided to replace the other peeling machines by Sormac drum knife peelers.

According to technical manager Henk van Raalte at Schaap there were more reasons to opt for Sormac’s knife peelers:

“First of all, the MS-1T peels the potatoes perfectly with no flat peeling effect.”

“Partly due to this, the peeling yield is higher than that of the original machines.”

“Plus, the energy consumption of the Sormac machines is low, leading to considerable energy saving – directly and for the cooling capacity in the hall.”

“The machines are also easy and quick to clean, and finally the low maintenance costs also tipped the balance in Sormac’s favour. With the first set of knives we ran two shifts for more than a year !”
Sormac MS-1T knife peeler

Sormac MS-1T knife peeler

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