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     CDR Foodlab fat oil analyzer

    Crystal Filtration has been awarded distribution rights to the full line of CDR FoodLab diagnostic equipment in the United States.

    The division of Filsorb, the revolutionary oil-purifying reagent that extends the life of cooking oil, will handle the inquiries and fulfillment for the equipment.

    CDR, a leading engineering company headquartered in Florence, Italy, is renowned for their commitment to R&D.

    The FoodLab line features proprietary methods and advanced technology patented by CDR. Their analytic equipment is used in laboratories, testing facilities and manufacturing plants worldwide.

    "We are proud to be working with CDR,"said Chuck Sorrick, President of Crystal Filtration. "The quality of their products is outstanding and their service is world class."

    The FoodLab Line of analyzers includes FoodLabFat, ideal for commercial oil cooking companies. FoodLabFat is simple to use, does not require a dedicated laboratory, and allows users to quickly carry out a wide panel of analysis with a single system. The test for Free Fatty Acids (FFA) yields accurate results in one minute.

    Filsorb also inventories and distributes the pre-measured cuvettes needed in the system. The cuvettes have fixed calibration to ensure a correct collection of samples and an accurate dosing of reagents.