Large contract in China for APH group partners Miedema and Omnivent with Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co

Inner Mongolia Linkage Farm Frites Co., Ltd., founded in March, 2015, is a joint venture enterprise between Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd and Farm Frites in Holland, which aim to develop French Fries program.

In May 2016 APH Group signed a large contract with Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd for the delivery of a Miedema potato handling and transport system and an Omnivent climate control system. These two systems are the interior of a potato storage building with a capacity of 140,000 metric ton of potatoes. A state of the art potato storage building, based on Dutch technology, like never built before in China. The completion of this project is scheduled for August 2017.

The Chinese company Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co., Ltd. and the Dutch company Farm Frites have a joint venture company since 2015 in Wudan Town, Inner Mongolia in China. This company, named ‘Inner Mongolia Linkage Farm Frites Co., Ltd.’, builds a brand-new factory for the production of French fried potatoes, and will concentrate on the top segment of the market in China.

Linkage and Farm Frites are convinced that the cooperation with APH Group and her partners Miedema and Omnivent will lead to the realization of a unique integrated project, starting from seed potato production till the distribution of frozen potato products to the market.

APH Group is, together with Omnivent, active in China since 2003 by means of a subsidiary with branches in Beijing and Guyuan. Besides China, APH Group operates by means of subsidiaries, dealers and agents in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. APH Group export to over 30 countries.

APH Group supplies efficient solutions for professionals in the potato, vegetable and irrigation business.