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Thermax’s ZeroWeGo - Restoring environment through reduced emissions

Thermax’s ZeroWeGo - Restoring environment through reduced emissions

Enero 14, 2022

Sustainability in industries has come a long way. From the establishment of environmental regulations in the 1970s to the modern environmental movement, the market forces are driven by these strategic concerns. At Thermax, they are determined to rethink processes, transform and focus their efforts on net-zero emissions for a greener and better world.

As zero emissions have become the need-of-the-hour, Thermax has launched the ZeroWeGo, a campaign to encourage a decarbonized world and highlight the focus on the next phase of business sustainability. Over the last three decades, through their absorption chillers, together with their customers, they have saved millions of tonnes of carbon emissions.

This campaign aims to inspire industries to opt for greener and cleaner solutions to make net-zero a reality. Thermax’s absorption cooling journey started as a part of the waste heat recovery division in 1984 selling chillers made by Sanyo, Japan. In 1989, they developed the first steam-driven chillers in technical collaboration with Sanyo.

This was followed by the launch of the B4K series in 2003 a complete waste heat recovery-based series. In 2005, launched the first-ever glycol-free absorption chiller. In 2010, they developed the chiller-heater, which recovers excess heat from the cooling cycle.

Carrying their legacy forward, they developed the most-innovative ultra-low pressure absorption chiller that offers 100% carbon savings in 2014. In 2019, they inaugurated the IGBC certified platinum-rated smart ‘Green Factory’ for VAM (Vapour Absorption Machine) manufacturing at Sri City, India.

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Poster-Potato Snack Industry

Poster-Potato Snack Industry

Thermax has incorporated sustainability into their DNA; it’s a part of who they are as a company. Their passion for sustainability begins right from home! Their manufacturing facility, a state-of-the-art unit, has been declared as ‘Green Factory’ by the IGBC.

The factory collects and stores 90% of the surface run-off water in the RWH pond saving over 1911 kg in a month. 95% of the lighting is met with daylight along with Solar PV roofed parking lots enables the factory to save over 34300kWh units of electricity in a month.

With ZeroWeGo, they have not only embedded sustainability in their performance matrix but also set a bar, to commit to their net-zero goals internally as well as externally.

With over 6300+ installations across 90+ countries, Thermax cooling has become a thought leader in the energy and environment industry. Over 1000 installations are based on trigeneration which is a 100% waste-heat-recovery-based solution.

Waste heat recovery has now become the need of the hour! Thermax’s vapor absorption chillers use exhaust gases, steam, vapor from the fryer, hot water, etc. that can provide you 100% electricity-free cooling thus contributing to zero emissions.

Having a strong focus on recovering and reusing energy, their wide range of energy-efficient solutions become quintessential to reducing energy expenditure and emissions. With every machine commissioned at their customers’ facilities, they are getting a little closer to a greener and better world.

With the future of the planet in their hands, industries & commercial complexes, too, can do their part in ensuring lesser emissions. Together, they can make a reality by making conscious choices to Recycle waste, Recover heat, repurpose and optimize the use of resources.

Thermax reaffirms their passion and commitment to the environment and a sustainable tomorrow.