Tummers E2E SteamClosure picks up Rabobank SMART Award

E2E SteamClosure Clinches Rabobank SMART Award, Marking a Year of Triumph

E2E SteamClosure Clinches Rabobank SMART Award, Marking a Year of Triumph

Diciembre 11, 2023
As E2E SteamClosure celebrates its one-year anniversary, Tummers has yet another reason to pop the champagne. The recent victory at the Rabobank SMART Award, organized by StartToGrow, has catapulted their Emission to Energy-concept to new heights of recognition within the entrepreneurial landscape.

This accolade is a testament to this innovative E2E initiative, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability, future-oriented strategies, and economic growth.

StartToGrow and the SMART Award

StartToGrow, an initiative supporting and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, partnered with Rabobank to create the SMART Award. This award is dedicated to honoring the most innovative entrepreneur who has not only conceived groundbreaking ideas but has also translated them into economic success. The E2E concept’s nomination within this group of innovators shows its status as an ambassador for the region.
Tummers E2E SteamClosure

Tummers E2E SteamClosure

The Award Show

The anticipation rose as entrepreneurs, innovators, and market explorers gathered at the award show. Awards were handed out to commend the best-growing entrepreneur, the top startup, the public’s choice, and the SMART Award. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, and as the night progressed, their E2E initiative found itself in the spotlight.

Triumph at the SMART Award

The announcement of Tummers Food Processing Solutions as the winner of the SMART Award was met with joy, pride, and a hint of disbelief. The recognition acknowledges that they are not only on the right track with E2E, but is also motivating us to put even more effort into the development of new innovations! The award is a testament to their commitment to sustainability, future prospects, and economic growth.

E2E Concept and Future Prospects

At the heart of this victory lies the E2E concept, a groundbreaking approach with enormous potential for the future of potato processing. E2E aims to zero-emission potato processing factories, working towards self-sufficiency through the reuse of energy with low input of sustainable energy sources. The SMART Award serves as recognition for the hard work put into developing a concept that not only aligns with current environmental goals but also shapes the future of industrial practices.


E2E SteamClosure and the entire E2E concept is realized by key individuals and collaborators who played important roles in this success:
  • Product Developers: Jelle Nijdam, Ed van Dolen and Dennis Rademakers, whose ingenuity brought the E2E concept to life.
  • Nomination Support: The town Gemeente Woensdrecht, recognizing E2E’s potential and nominates Tummers for the SMART Award.
  • Close Cooperation: Solutherm, for their close cooperation in development, realization, and aiming us the right way with the E2E concept.
  • Creative Minds: Erwin Tummers and Lennaert van Dijk, for encouraging an environment that allows creative exploration and innovation.
  • Their People: In their amazing Tummers Team, everyone is indispensable and contributes in their way to their goals. This award is for all of them! Supporters: A heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported E2E SteamClosure, fuelling us to strive for more.


With gratitude for the past years and a trophy in hand, E2E sets its sights on an exciting future, driven by a dedication to sustainable and a mission to explore new horizons. The journey continues, and trust us: the best is yet to come.
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