Expanding Foreign Markets: US Chief Agricultural Negotiator to Address Potato Expo 2024

Expanding Foreign Markets: U.S. Chief Agricultural Negotiator to Address Potato Expo 2024

Expanding Foreign Markets: U.S. Chief Agricultural Negotiator to Address Potato Expo 2024

Diciembre 27, 2023
The upcoming Potato Expo 2024 on January 10-11 at the Austin Convention Center will feature a discussion on expanding foreign markets for US potatoes. US Chief Agricultural Negotiator Doug McKalip will join the event to shed light on the collaboration between the Office of the U.S. Trade Representatives, the National Potato Council, and industry partner to enhance the reach of American potatoes in international markets. With one in every five U.S. potatoes destined for foreign markets, international trade partnerships are indispensable for the prosperity of U.S. potato growers and the entire supply chain.

The presence of Doug McKalip at Potato Expo 2024 highlights the commitment of the U.S. government to supporting the potato industry's efforts to expand into foreign marketplaces.

McKalip's insights are expected to provide attendees with valuable information on how industry stakeholders can collaborate effectively to maximize their impact with foreign consumers.

The Potato Expo 2024 is happening in the "Live Music Capital of the World," Austin, Texas. As the largest conference and trade show dedicated to the potato industry, the expo has consistently been the hub where growers, suppliers, and industry experts come together to forge connections, share ideas, and drive the industry forward.

The event allows participants to connect with potato professionals from the U.S. and around the world, engage with exhibitors offering innovative business solutions, discuss the latest trends and technologies in the potato industry, collaborate on finding solutions and exchanging ideas, and reconnect with friends, fellow growers, and industry partners.

Exhibitors at Potato Expo have consistently found it to be the premier potato industry conference in North America.

In 2024, the Austin Convention Center will provide exhibitors with an expansive trade show space where they can generate new sales leads and conduct on-site sales, enhance their organization's image and visibility, establish and strengthen their market presence, connect with new customers and network with suppliers and distributors, introduce new products and services, demonstrate products and services to a target audience, enhance marketing effectiveness, and reconnect with customers in person.

The Potato Expo 2024 will be held on January 10-11 at the Austin Convention Center. While the expo is the main attraction, please note that affiliate meetings, as listed in the schedule, are separate events and not included in the Potato Expo registration.
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