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OC Verhulst and Mooij Agro offer you full control over your agricultural crop with the VaccTek® Condenser Dryer

The VaccTek® Condenser Dryer offers you a very short drying time while it even saves you up to 70% of energy.

OC Verhulst, since many years the manufacturer of air handling units of outstanding quality, found Mooij Agro as her partner to sell and support the VaccTek® Condenser Dryer; the all-in-one machine for the storage of agricultural crops.

The newly designed VaccTek® Condenser Dryer is able to perform all the necessary storage processes as there are Condensation drying/Post-drying, Mechanical cooling, Heating and Ventilation with outside air. This is all done by means of only one machine; the VaccTek® Condenser Dryer.

By combining the strengths of both OC Verhulst and Mooij Agro we are convinced to supply the agricultural market with a robust, solid and energy efficient machine, especially in those areas where climate conditions or special crops are challenging.

The VaccTek® Condenser Dryer offers you a very short drying time where it even saves you up to 70% of energy. It has a large temperature range of minus 3 up to 38 degrees C. where no heaters are needed.

A storage of up to 720 tons of product can be controlled by only one VaccTek® Condenser Dryer, which offers you a drying capacity of 200 liters/hour at 70% RH. This definitely leads to a higher quality of your stored product. This is what you can expect when two leading companies in the field of air handling units and storage technology combine their strengths.

We are very proud of this next step in innovation and technical improvement. Hopefully you can experience the peace of mind and ease of use yourself when being in full control of drying your crop. OC Verhulst was founded in 1820 and is part of Orange Climate Agri. The Dutch office is located in Drunen and employs 260 people.

Mooij Agro BV was founded in 1981, part of Hotraco Group and is located in Horst, The Netherlands. Mooij Agro has a wide range of subsidiaries and distributors all over the world with experienced people in sales, service and support