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Heat and Control - E-FLO™ Electroporation System

Improve potato chip and French fry quality, reduce product pollution, and increase yield.

E-FLO is an Electroporation system that uses pulse electric fields (PEF) technology. The system sends PEF through the cell walls of potatoes and root vegetables and perforates the cell membranes with microscopic holes.

This allows sugars and amino acids to be released from the vegetables before they are cooked, reducing harmful acrylamides and lowering oil content.

Using PEF technology, the E-FLO provides significant yield savings to producers, with faster processing of the potatoes, cutting improvements for a longer blade life and lower oil content in the final product.

E-FLO technology removes sugars and amino acids to reduce the level of acrylamide in potato chips by half.

Raw cut sliced French fries that have gone through the E-FLO are more flexible, resulting in less product damage.

Reduce acrylamide
Meet legislative requirements and create a healthier finished product by reducing acrylamide levels in potatoes and other root vegetables.

Greater yield
Increase output and deliver a more robust potato thanks to less breakage and a cleaner cut.

Shorter, cheaper process
Experience healthier, more permeable potato tissue, so there’s little-to-no need for expensive blanching.
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E-FLO™ Electroporation System for Potato Chip Processing Lines

E-FLO solutions for potato chips – the benefits and advantages of using E-FLO for potato chip systems:
  • Minimise or reduce hot water blanching: replace or reduce the need for costly blanching systems, resulting in energy savings
  • Improve product quality: Reduce sugar and asparagine levels and achieve significant acrylamide reduction
  • Textural improvements: Improve crunch, taste and texture of the end product
  • Yield improvements: Less downtime for maintenance processing. Increase yield of the slice and achieve longer blade life
  • Reduced footprint & retrofit: The design is compact for easy integration into existing processing or new lines
  • Reduced Oil Pick up can be achieved.

E-FLO solutions for French fries – the benefits and advantages of using E-FLO for French fry systems:
  • Colour: A more even and consistent colour of the French fry
  • Longer fries: less breakage of the product which allows for longer product with less wastage
  • Yield improvements: Increase in yield of the cutters and increased life of the cutting blades. Less starch is lost in cutting.
  • Smoother surface: E-FLO makes the cut surface smoother, with less oil pick-up and a smoother finish without feathering the product
  • Less oil takeup
  • New cuts and shapes available • Water and Energy savings: Reduces the need for pre-heating the product prior to cutting.
  • Reduce the need for blanching: Reduces blanching requirements, which also reduces energy and water usage, whilst providing a more consistent finished product colour

Ideal applications include:

Potato chips - French fries - Sweet potato - Taro - Cassava / Manioc - Parsnip - Carrot - Beetroot - Dried vegetables - Others

In partnership with:

Heat and Control partnered with ScandiNova, world-leading provider of solid-state high-power pulse modulators and RF systems to develop the E-FLO Electroporation system.