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Heat and Control - E-FLO™ Electroporation System

The patent protected E-FLO Electroporation System provides significant product improvement in chip crunch, taste and texture as well as reduction in acrylamide formation and oil content.

Pulse Electric Field Processing (PEF) perforates the cell walls of the potato creating micro holes that allow asparagine and reducing sugars to be washed out of the potato in a cold water wash. In most cases, eliminating or reducing the need to blanch the product.

Higher yield and reduced processing costs are also key benefits of this technology with other vegetable applications possible.

Ideal for potato chip, French fry formed potato products and other root vegetable processing.

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Replaces or reduces the need for blanching, improves crunch taste and texture and minimizes acrylamide formation

Product Specifications
  • Miminize or reduce blanching

    Replace or reduce the need for costly blanching systems that take up floor space.

  • Improve product quality

    Reduce sugar and asparagine levels and achieve significant acrylamide reduction.

  • Textural improvements

    Improve crunch, taste and texture of the end product.

  • Yield improvements

    Less downtime for maintenance processing. Increase yield of the slicer and achieve longer blade life.

  • Reduced Footprint & Retrofit

    The design is compact for easy integration into existing processing or new lines.