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Heat and control - Demonstration Centre, Ishida Europe, Birmingham facilities

Heat and control - Demonstration Centre, Ishida Europe, Birmingham facilities

The Heat and Control and Ishida (HCI) Alliance is delivering on the promise of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrated processing and packaging snack solutions, with an expert team and a selection of the latest innovative equipment design on display at Snackex, Barcelona, on booth 401.

Snackex will be a fantastic opportunity for food producers to meet and discuss with the HCI team how single source snack solutions can manage your entire line and achieve cost savings.

Heat and Control and Ishida have unique experience in the processing and packaging of snack food products and an associated broad array of machine capability that covers the entire process from unloading raw product to case packed retail ready product.

Our shared focus is on innovations in processing and packaging, to help you operate faster, more accurately and more efficiently than ever before. In combining our capability, we are able to deliver full, bespoke snacks solutions that perfectly match your chosen applications and production goals.

Bobby Kane, Heat and Control General Manager for West and South Europe and the Middle East:

“With the growing need for automation to reduce costs and optimise output speeds, working with one supplier like HCI is a far easier process, as customers only need to speak to one team.”

The Heat and Control FastBack® Left Right Centre (LRC) diverting twin weigher infeed solution will be on display at Snackex. The LRC is a double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise and consistent product stream to Ishida’s patented back-to-back 218 twin weigher.

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Heat and Control - FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution

The LRC provides an accurate feed of product to weigher to ensure long, continuous packaging runs.

Heat and Control’s patented FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate’s advanced and integrated packaging controls combine with a pivoting weigher-feeder design which accurately delivers product streams to the weigher, whether feeding only one side of the weigher or both.

The LRC provides manufacturers with the flexibility of two modes of operation:

  • Discrete Feeding: When the weigher feeder pivots to the left, right, or centre based on call signals from the weigher.

  • Biased Feeding: Where the weigher feeder’s initial position is determined by weigher and bagmaker set points and auto adjusts to bias the product flow to improve weigher performance.

  • Smart design, incorporating parts which don’t need to be removed for cleaning, means simple ‘wipe and go’ sanitation requirements, leaving more time for production.


Bobby Kane:




“Investing in new machinery designed for hygiene can assist your business in avoiding downtime and costly product recalls.”

The next evolution in vertical form fill seal (VFFS) technology will be on display with the Ishida Inspira Snack Bagmaker. The Inspira offers consistent forming and sealing performance of up to 200 bags per minute.

The Inspira bagmakers further improve accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity. The advanced levels of automation with the Inspira reduces the opportunity for human error, helping to consistently produce perfect bags.

There will also be an interactive display, where customers can experience the HCI equipment range and systems capabilities via a series of touchscreen presentations. Customers can learn about innovative new snack equipment, such as the Corn Masa Maker System, which provides superior savings on investment by making fresh masa from dry corn in minutes rather than the hours long simmer/soak process that is traditionally used.





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The E-FLO uses Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology to send electric fields through the potato.

Customers can use the touchscreen experience to view the yield saving benefits of the E-FLO™, a Pulse Electric Field Processing (PEF) system which enables faster processing of potatoes, cutting improvements for a longer blade life and lower oil content in the final product.

Our experts will also be on hand to talk about the latest in nut roasting technology from Heat and Control, the Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) multizone convection dryer/roaster system, which will provide snack food operators with a superior end-to-end solution for the dry roasting of nut and seed products.



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