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Pulsed Electric Field Systems (PEF)

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) treatment

How to measure if a potato is PEF-treated just right?
In Pulsed Electric Field Treatment of potato, the treatment intensity needs to be monitored to optimize process performance and product yield. So how can that be done?
Pulsed Electric Field in Potato Processing: Impact on Sustainability
A recent study on the impact of Pulsed Electric Field treatment (PEF) in the potato processing industry has shown substantial benefits in comparison to the regular process using conventional pre-heaters.
New Zealand runs three months of trials with Pulsed Electric Field Technology (PEF) at McCain Foods
In New Zealand, a three month test of a new Pulsed Electric Field Technology (PEF) unit from Elea, from Germany, started at McCain Foods Timaru and involves industrial-scale food processing of french fries.
PEF treatment makes a preheater in French Fry production look, well... obsolete
Exclusively for PotatoPro readers we can now show you a video of the industrial application of a Pulsemaster Conditioner Pulsed Electric Field system at industrial scale, treating the full line load of potatoes (60 tons/hour) for a large French Fry line.
Last chance to visit Anuga FoodTec 2018
Anuga FoodTec 2018 is well on its way. Don't miss out on this important event, that will last till the end of this week!
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Quick repeat business for Pulsemaster PEF system with major potato processor
Pulsemaster, a global leader in Pulsed Electric Field systems for potato processing, supplied a PEF system to a major French Fry manufacturer four months ago. Now, Pulsemaster has received another order from the same company to supply a 100kW PEF system for a new processing line.
Heat and Control at SNAXPO 2018
At SNAXPO 2018, Equipment Supplier to the Snack Industry Heat and Control will showcase the latest technologies, including Heat and Control's processing systems line-up, FastBack®, Spray Dynamics®, Ishida®, and CEIA®.
See Elea's award-winning Smoothcut One PEF-system at Anuga FoodTec
Pulsed Electric Field Specialist Elea invites you to the Anuga FoodTec to discuss and taste for yourself what its award winning compact all-in-one SmoothCut™One PEF system can do