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Pulsemaster Solidus - for Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Research & Development

Pulsemaster manufactures a range of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems for Research and Development applications, tailored to suit specific research needs.

Under the brand name Solidus, Pulsemaster manufactures PEF pilot-scale batch systems to meet each customer’s research requirements.

The Pulsemaster Solidus PEF pilot-scale batch unit can treat both solids and liquids for research purposes.

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The Pulsemaster Solidus PEF batch system allows you to determine the impact of pulsed electric field treatment on plant cell viability in intact solid plant tissue, such as potatoes.

The Pulsemaster Solidus applies a (cell) disintegration method based on pulsed electric fields: a non-thermal cell membrane permeabilization treatment, to enhance process optimisation in food industry.

Pulsemaster offers this versatile Solidus pilot-scale batch unit for sale or trial rental.
Range of applications

Pulsemaster’s Solidus PEF batch system allows you to determine the impact of PEF on plant cell viability in intact solid plant tissues or whole organs, like potatoes, sugar beets and carrots.

However, the use of this Solidus batch unit is not limited to solids like fruits, plants and vegetables. Intact animal tissues like pieces of meat and fish can be PEF treated to optimize cure time, drying, marination and tumble processes.


The design of these tailor-made pulsed electric field systems is compact and modular for easy integration and power upgrade. The scientific systems are not only easy to use, but also easy to service and maintain, thanks to the modular design with field replaceable units.

A sufficient large PEF chamber can be used to fit large solids like potato tubers and the use of this large chamber does not restrict the range of electric field strengths that can be used. The PEF treatment chamber is fully encapsulated and the electrode system is properly grounded. Off-the-shelf components and standardized parts are used whenever possible in engineering the Solidus PEF pilot-scale batch unit.

The electric field strength is adjusted by the output voltage. The specific energy is calculated based on the number of pulses applied.