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tna FOODesign dry ingredient roller dispensing unit quik-coat® RD 5

FOODesign quik-coat® RD 5 is a roller dispenser for free flowing granular ingredients, such as salt or seeds.

The FOODesign quik-coat® RD 5 has a grooved roller that ensures a consistent application of the ingredient cross band up to 1500 mm (59”).

The roller and hopper can be removed for cleaning and quick product changes.

Standard features
  • Positive drive dispensing roller
  • Widths from 600mm to 1500mm (24″ to 59″) to fit all applications
  • Drive base interchanges with other FOODesign quik-coat® equipment
  • Completely de-mountable components
Optional features
  • Separate hopper for quick changes
  • Recovery conveyor
  • Cantilever trolley

Application: Application of free flowing granular ingredients, such as salt or seeds, for the production of snacks and cereals.
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.