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John Sedgwick, new Board Chair of the UK Potato Processors’ Association (PPA).
Mayo 23, 2024

Leadership change at the UK Potato Processors Association: John Sedgwick takes helm as Chair

John Sedgwick, the UK Potato Supply Manager at Lamb Weston, has been officially named the new Board Chair of the UK Potato Processors’ Association (PPA).
Potato Crop Spraying
Mayo 20, 2024

Scorched by foliar fertilization in the past… reasons to try again

The concept of foliar applied preparations is based on science, but when they were initially introduced in the late 1990’s many of the initial products had drawbacks, such as leaf scorch, low active volumes per application, poor uptake and even phytotoxicity.
Jeremy Barraclough, operations director of Biofresh Safestore
Mayo 06, 2024

Biofresh Safestore to exhibit at SPot Store potato storage event

The UK's leading potato sprout control technology provider has confirmed it is exhibiting at SPot Store on 14th May.
Potato supplier seeks alternatives to Maris Piper after floods pushes prices up
Marzo 04, 2024

UK Potato supplier seeks alternatives to Maris Piper after floods push prices up

One of the UK's top potato suppliers is looking for alternatives to the popular Maris Piper due to rising costs and unreliable crops during extreme weather.
Farmers will use special rigs to help train the robot AI
Enero 07, 2024

Farmers are being called on to help train robots to spot slugs and the damage they cause to arable crops.

The ground-breaking trial, set to start in the spring, will equip the 'Slug Sleuths' with special rigs designed to improve the complex machine-learning algorithms used to identify the slimy pests.
Grimme UK announces new deals for the new year
Enero 02, 2024

Grimme UK announces new deals for the new year

The UK’s leading farm machinery manufacturer has started the new year by launching several new money-saving promotions.
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Grimme Toppa 600
Diciembre 17, 2023

Grimme UK introduces the German-made Toppa 600

Grimme UK is to introduce a new German-made three-bed folding haulm topper in time for 2024's potato harvest.
Tim Rooke, Potato Policy Group chair at National Farmers' Union (NFU)
Diciembre 10, 2023

National Farmers Union (UK): Potato supply chain needs a pragmatic approach

Hear from National Farmers' Union (NFU) Potato Policy Group chair Tim Rooke in the aftermath of one of the most challenging lifting seasons he has faced.
Marcus Palmer, Manager Owner at MJP Supplies, Algifol at BP23
Noviembre 27, 2023

Biostimulant Field Trial Results Impress British Potato Visitors

A biostimulant brand that made its debut at this year's British Potato impressed show visitors with the results of three recent field trials.
Enigma research helps growers tackle wireworm damage
Octubre 31, 2023

Enigma research helps potato growers tackle wireworm damage

The Fera-led R&D project, Enigma I, is reporting impressive results halfway through its investigation into sustainable wireworm control – a pest issue causing significant annual yield losses in root vegetable and salad crops.
Farmers in the United Kingdom warn of rotting crops after Storm Babet flooding
Octubre 26, 2023

UK farmers warn of rotting crops after Storm Babet flooding

Potato and cereal crops are likely to have been heavily damaged by the recent devastating floods across the United Kingdom, farmers have warned.
Wayne Mansfield Mash production manager at Branston
Octubre 19, 2023

UK potato supplier Branston to open state-of-the-art facility for mashed potato spring 2024

United Kingdom potato supplier Branston has announced it is opening a mashed potato facility to produce and supply leading UK supermarkets with the prepared family favourite starting in spring 2024.
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Crop Systems Limited launches SmartSola for optimal using of home-generated energy
Octubre 19, 2023

Crop Systems Limited launches SmartSola, enabling optimal use of home-generated energy in your potato store

Crop Systems Limited’s 'SmartSola' system is an innovation launched at exactly the right time. The system enables users to make optimal use of their use of home-generated energy in their potato storage.
GB Potatoes appoints Scott Walker as its new CEO
Octubre 05, 2023

Former NFU chief commits to give British potato industry a voice

Former Chief Executive of NFU Scotland, Scott Walker, has been appointed as the new part-time CEO for GB Potatoes.
Antti Kuusisto, chairman of Luonnosta Finland and Phil Rayner, Manager of Luonnosta UK
Octubre 02, 2023

Luonnosta Finland Oy establishes a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Luonnosta Finland Oy and Phil Rayner announced the establishment of Luonnosta UK Ltd. Luonnosta’s strategy for several years has been to develop international business and strengthen networks worldwide.
Harry Tinson, General Manager at HarvestEye
Septiembre 27, 2023

Ag sensor company HarvestEye appoints Harry Tinson as its new general manager

Crop Insights tool HarvestEye has announced the appointment of Harry Tinson as its new general manager, bringing to the team expertise in global B2B sales from across the engineering and transport sectors.
A good season for Jersey Royals, but at what cost? (Courtesy: David Ferguson)
Septiembre 21, 2023

A good season for Jersey Royals, but at what cost?

Jersey Potato exporters were able to negotiate a better price from UK supermarkets this year to help cover rising costs but blight and poor weather meant it was still a difficult season.
Benedikt Cramer Managing Director at Restrain
Septiembre 18, 2023

Restrain appoints Benedikt Cramer as new Managing Director

Restrain, the world’s leading provider of ethylene-based sprout control solutions, has announced the appointment of Dr. Benedikt Cramer as its new Managing Director, while current MD Dirk Garos will take up the new role of Strategic Director.


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