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Premium Listing

Premium Listing

A Premium Listing distinguishes your company from the average company in the PotatoPro Directory with an additional spot in the top section of each directory where your company is listed.

The Premium Listing is the first step up from the free listing on PotatoPro and provides extra exposure in the PotatoPro directories.

The PotatoPro directories are a key tool for people sourcing products in the global potato industry and the starting point for people looking for news on a specific company.

The PotatoPro directory pages enjoy top rankings in the search engines.

A Premium Listing provides your company with an affordable way to create extra visibility in these directories: your company will get an extra listing with logo at the top of the directory.

A premium listing boosts the number of visits to your company page as much as 4 - 10 times!

More importantly, a premium listing signals a potential customer that you mean business in the potato industry!

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Product Specifications

Compare your options for a Directory Listing

Free (**) Premium Premium Plus
Exposure in PotatoPro Directories
Your Company listed in the PotatoPro directories
Your brands listed on PotatoPro
Your products listed on PotatoPro
Your company highlighted at the top of each relevant directory
Your large ad (Bigbox) on directory pages limited
Exposure in PotatoPro News (website)
Your ad in the SponsorBox
Your ad on PotatoPro Newspages (most frequent on relevant topics) limited
PotatoPro Newsletter
Your ad in all daily and weekly PotatoPro newsletter distributions
Free 450 USD/year 950 USD/year

What's Included in the Premium Listing?

Extra Exposure in the Directories

In addition to your regular company listing in the PotatoPro Directories, the Premium Listing feature offers an extra listing at the top of each product/category page where your company is listed.


  • If you are the only promoted listing in a product category it can look like this: Example 1
  • If there are more promoted listings, you may get pushed down a page, as existing premium listings and sponsorships will be listed above you: Example 2
Premium Listings are displayed below existing Premium Listings and Sponsorships. Keep in mind, a Premium Listing effects all the product categories you are listed for.

A Premium Listings is automatically renewed annually

Standard Features

A Premium Listing includes all the standard features of your listing on PotatoPro such as:

  • Press Releases and News items related to your company
  • Company Subsidiaries and factory locations
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Contact information
  • Participation in events/trade shows, highlighted
  • Job Listings
  • Social Media
We are constantly working to optimize the PotatoPro website and Newsletters. As a consequence, features may be added, change or disappear during the year.
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