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Karnataka used to be among the top ten potato producing states in India, but dropped in 2017 to the 11th spot.

The five year average potato production in Karnataka (2012-2016) was 558.040 tonnes, accounting for 1.23 percent of the overall potato production in India in this period.

Potato Production in Karnataka takes place during the summer / monsoon season (Kharif), unlike most of the potato production in India (90%) which takes place during the winter season (Rabi).

Other states growing potato during the Kharif season are Maharashtra, Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh, with especially Maharashtra seeing a large increase in recent years at the expense of Karnataka.
Agricultural Statistics Karnataka
Potato Production in 2017 :465650.00tonnes3rd Advance Estimate
Potato Production in 2016 :507640.00tonnes
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