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The Potato Sector
Michigan grows both table potatoes and potatoes for processing. Fresh Michigan potatoes are available from July to October, while they are available in their processed form virtually all year.

Michigan is the leading producer of potatoes for potato chip processing in the United States.

The single largest potato production county in Michigan is Montcalm

Agricultural Statistics Michigan

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Potato Area Harvested in 2017: 46,500.00 acres All seasons
Potato Production in 2017: 17,205.00 (000) cwt All seasons
Potato Seed in 2017: 1,344.00 (000) cwt All seasons
Potato Yield in 2017: 370.00 cwt/acre All seasons
Potato Price at Producer in 2017: 11.10 USD/cwt All seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2016: 46,000.00 acres Fall only
Potato Area Harvested in 2016: 46,000.00 acres All seasons