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    In November 2007 BMA Nederland has signed the order with Konya Seker of Turkey for the supply of an ultra modern potato processing line for French fries. 

    Konya Seker is the largest sugar manufacturer of Turkey and a member of a cooperative organization of nearly 60.000 employees. The sugar plants are located in Meram Konya and Cumra, processing respectively 10.000 and 14.000 tons of sugar beets each day. Apart from this, Konya Seker is active in other industries like for example confectionary, irrigation technology and animal feed. Konya Seker ranks 54th in the list of the largest companies in Turkey.
    The aim of the Konya Seker potato project is giving more opportunities to the farmers to have regulated crop rotation and producing crops that will be industrialized into value added agricultural products. Potato french fries are a sign of this policy to invest in the potato business.

    BMA Nederland BV was requested to design a line that was able to match the most modern technologies and that enabled Konya Seker to make a wide range of French fry specifications. Several new technologies in peeling, preheating, cutting and strip sorting have been implemented in the design.
    One of the highlights in the French fry line is BMA Nederland BV’s newest drying technology, operating at more graduate evaporation of the water from the strips under lower temperature conditions. A complete new belt design has already proven its efficiency in very recently delivered systems in the industry. The French fry line will also be equipped with the newest design fryer, developed by the creative and inspiring engineers of BMA Nederland BV, built on the Florigo philosophies. Finally, the cooling and freezing tunnel is made of a complete stainless panel inside and designed for a 2 weeks non-stop production.

    This specific French fry line has a capacity of 5000 kg/hr final product in the fast food specification. The line will be installed and started in the last part of 2008.