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 RJ Herbert Engineering Barrel Washer

Herbert Engineering are pleased to announce their first time attendance at the PMA event, being held in California from 2nd – 5th October and will be taking the opportunity to showcase the Auto-sort 2000 to an American audience, through their partner Exeter Engineering. 

Herbert will also be using the PMA event to launch the newly developed 5m Barrel Washer.  

This new washer, designed to handle produce including potatoes and carrots has already been installed in several major processing plants throughout Europe and Herbert are confident that the product will be just as successful in America and Canada. 

Herbert’s Export Sales Manager Andy Hubble commented “We are delighted to be launching our new Barrel Washer in America, and thanks to our close relationship with Exeter Engineering and their understanding of our technology, coupled with our world-renowned build quality, we are confident that we will enjoy a great deal of success in this new market.”