Jones Potato Chips
    Jones Potato Chip Co. is in the midst of a $3 million expansion at a new location on Bowman Street, just one mile north of the existing plant at 265 Bowman St.
    The move -- still in progress -- will enable the small business to expand its presence in the snack food industry, owner Bob Jones said.

    Jones, 52, the youngest child of original founder Frederick Jones, is part of a family that has been making marcelled potato chips in Mansfield since 1945.

    Jones purchased the former conveyor plant building at 823 Bowman St. in November 2008. The company employs 47 people -- in production, sales, marketing and warehousing.

    Construction is under way inside the new location in order for the company to move its plant. Cement walls are going up. Electrical work is being completed to handle the equipment to produce the snacks. Two production lines will be in place at the new business site by year's end, Jones said.

    Potato sticks are now half of the company's production.

    Article includes 24 pictures of the current production at Jones potato Chips