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Kerry launches 'Route to Natural' flavour for baked savoury snacks at FIE 2009

 Kerry Group
September 21, 2009
Snack food manufacturers seeking to target the better-for-you, natural savoury snacks market will be interested in Kerry’s great-tasting cheese and salami Route to Natural baked snack flavouring. MSG-free and containing all-natural ingredients, this new snack concept falls within the daily salt guidelines set by the UK Food Standards Agency for 2012, whilst combining a reduced fat content with a satisfyingly tangy flavour.

The product of Kerry’s combined approach to new product innovation, the cheese and salami Route to Natural baked snack combines Kerry’s natural dairy and culinary flavours with its new Sureflow advanced snack flavour processing technology. From a production perspective, Sureflow offers a number of significant quality and efficiency advantages, including greater application control, improved consistency, less downtime and reduced waste.
The "Route to Natural"flavouring for baked snacks will be launched at Food Ingredients Europe 2009 (FIE 2009) 
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