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    Potato cultivators of the district Jessore have become frustrated due to widespread outbreak of leaf blight disease in potato fields.

    Department of Agricultural Extension sources said some 1000 hectares of potato fields have been affected with the disease due to climate change.

    Dense fog at night and hot weather in the day caused the outbreak of the disease in the potato fields, a DAE official said.

    They have suggested farmers to use anti-fungal medicines in the potato fields.

    Farmers brought some 3,887 hectares of land under potato cultivation in the district in the current season against 4,735 hectares last season. Farmers said they have brought less land under potato cultivation this season due to high price of pesticide, seeds and fertilizer.

    Besides, they said they have lost interest in potato cultivation as they incurred loss last year.

    Meanwhile, the new government on Wednesday cut the prices of all non-urea fertilizers by 50 to 56 percent to encourage the farmers to boost production.