Dirk Garos receives award for Restrain Ethylene generator

    Dirk Garos receives the award for the Restrain Ethylene generator

    The PotatoEurope 2009 Innovation Award was handed out this evening to the company Restrain Company Ltd for its Restrain Generator.

    The Restrain ethylene generator has been chosen by a qualified jury out of 17 nominees. Mr Dirk Garos, Dutch representative of this company received this prestigious award from the hands of the Director-General for Enterprise and Innovation of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Mrs Renée Bergkamp.

    The selection criteria based on which the jury came to their decision were innovativeness, inventiveness and market potential. In addition the jury has also judged the entries for their degree of sustainability.

    Restrain Ethylene Generator

    Restrain Ethylene Generator

    The Restrain Ethylene Generator produces low levels of the natural ethylene gas to prevent potatoes from sprouting. Ethylene gives zero residue on the tuber. This product is the winner, according to the jury, because it truly is a breakthrough. It is very innovative and something the entire potato sector has waited for for many years. Mainly for countries that store their ware and seed potatoes for a long time a natural and environmentally friendly anti sprouting control is very necessary and welcome. The product was tested by the Dutch Board for the Autorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides. This institute has approved the use a safe means so it can also be used in biological potato growing.

    And last but not least, Restrain Generator has a comparable cost price compared to chemical anti sprouting control. In summary, it has a very positive influence on the export and processing of potatoes.

    The second prize is for the NAK, the Dutch General Inspection Service for agricultural seeds and seed potatoes for their Direct Tuber Testing (DTT) Document linked to is in Dutch)

    The last company in the top three is Dacom B.V. with their Dacom Watersave® Sensor System.

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