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Frito-Lay India launches 'Kurkure Spend Time with the Family Program'
A new advertising campaign for Frito Lay India's Kurkure snack encourages people to spend time with their families. In the TVC, brand ambassador Juhi Chawla plays a spiritual guru who points out the follies of a groom's ways when he arrives minus any entourage for his wedding, because he didn't spend any time with his family. She asks him to share Kurkure with them, at which point instantly his family begins to appear one by one at the wedding. The baseline remains, "Tedha hai par mera hai [It's my kind of twisted]."The campaign has been created by JWT.

A promo in the four-month long campaign will invite consumers to send their fun ideas on spending time with their family. “Indian culture is deeply rooted in family values. The Kurkure Spend Time with Family consumer campaign is an initiative to sensitize people on the importance of family togetherness and reward them for their ideas,” said Vidur Vyas, head of marketing, Pepsi Foods, at the unveiling occasion of the campaign.