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    Mantis ULV spraying systems

    At the Potato Europe exhibition on 8 and 9 September (Stand C06 Z) Mantis exhibits a new version of the MAFEX devices for the treatment of potatoes with germination inhibitors, fungicides and seed dressings. Based on the ULV technique of Mantis which is proven for more than 30 years the new MAFEX models now have additional functions. The most important innovation is an electronic control system, which allows an even easier and more comfortable operation of the devices and an efficient function control.

    Electronic control system

    In addition to the fully automatic priming of the system and setting of the desired quantity a nozzle monitoring with audible and visual alarm and an automatic cleaning function are integrated. When priming the system all functions of the MAFEX device are tested and the liquid is transported to the nozzle, so the application can start without delay then. During operation, the function of the nozzle is monitored and in case of a dysfunction an alarm is initiated.

    The MAFEX device is operated using a dust-and water-repellent membrane keyboard. A large display shows - depending on the current menu – for example the status of the spray system, the set application rate or dysfunction. Especially in the case of disturbances there is no need to search for the cause of the problem because it can already be read on the display. An optional flow control is available so that in addition to the functions of the MAFEX device there is also a monitoring of flow of preparation or flushing water. If the container of the chemical is empty, the control unit initiates an alarm.

    New is also that the devices are equipped with peristaltic pumps. This change is especially relevant where very aggressive products must be applied, which attack the membranes of the pumps used to date. For example, also waxes with ammonia additives can be applied with the new MAFEX-spray systems, for example, for protection of the harvest of citrus fruits.

    Other innovations include materials and construction, which have also been optimized. The ULV rotary atomisers and their well-established functionality are retained. The new MAFEX spray systems are – as the former models where - characterized by the particularly uniform size and distribution of droplets, thus allowing the most economical use of preparations to protect crop yield.

    Typical application of Mafex Spraying system for potatoes

    Typical application of Mafex Spraying system for potatoes