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Las amenazas que se ciernen sobre las papas
El cambio climático comienza a afectar al legendario alimento. En Perú, cuna de la patata, donde hay 4.000 variedades, campesinos y científicos temen daños ante las variaciones de heladas y lluvias.
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Changes to Safe Haven Standards will support long term health of GB potato industry
Red Tractor are looking for industry feedback on potential changes to the Safe Haven Standards, the seed potato assurance scheme.
Four 'resistancy' genes in current commercial potato varieties already defeated by Phytophthora Infestans
Recent research at the James Hutton Institute suggests that limited genetic differences in potato lineages has left British and American spuds vulnerable to late blight, the disease that caused the Irish potato famine.
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
International Potato Technology Expo Opens Bookings for 2020
The International Potato Technology Expo, a leading potato event in Canada, returns to the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown February 21-22, 2020.
Agricultural equipment manufacturer Scott celebrates record year
Scotts Precision Manufacturing is reporting a record year, with sales of its Evolution separator and Trinity range of haulm toppers up by over 30%.
Papas de la variedad Kawsay se vendieron en supermercados por primera vez este año.
Papas de la nueva variedad Kawsay se vendieron en supermercados por primera vez este año. Kawsay tiene el potencial de mejorar los ingresos y la seguridad alimentaria de las comunidades, además es de alto rendimiento y gran resistencia al tizón tardío.
Dr. Chad Hutchinson Director of Research at TriEst Ag Group, Inc. Exposition in Potato Expo 2018 (Courtesy: Plant Management Network)
In his presentation at the the 2018 Potato Expo, Dr. Chad Hutchinson discusses the benefits of using Chloropicrin in potato production. Chloropicrin increases production efficiency, profit potential for potato growers, and it also improves soil health.
UK needs major overhaul of investments in weed management
The UK’s approach to weed management investment needs to be overhauled, if the needs of industry are to be met. That was the conclusion of the first ever major cross-sector review of weed management, commissioned by AHDB and BBRO.