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Agri-Stor acquires Custom Chemical Company
Agri-Stor Company announced that it has acquired the assets and business operations of Custom Chemical Company - a full-service provider of potato sprout inhibitors, specialty post-harvest crop protection products and a Certified Dealer of Gellert® climate control systems - located in Warden, Washington.

In a press release, Nathan Oberg, Agri-Stor Company spokesman, said that "Custom Chemical has an excellent track record of delivering high quality post-harvest products and services to potato and onion growers, packers, and processors throughout Washington, Oregon, and California. Merging our business operations will provide all of our customers with the latest technology and best solutions for post-harvest crop preservation. In addition, this acquisition postures Agri-Stor for continued growth and expansion."

Agri-Stor will continue to operate this division from its existing facility in the heart of the Columbia Basin to provide superior service and sales support to all customers. Oberg stated, "The existing staff is an experienced and well trained team of service technicians, licensed application specialists, and sales representatives. They have done an outstanding job of supporting the potato and onion industries and will continue to do so in the future."