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    One of Prince Edward Island’s leading food processors will be able to enter new markets and create jobs with a new production line, says Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning, Allan Campbell.

    “Agrawest has provided potato producers with an important market and serves the food industry as an important provider of potato flour and potato granules,” said Minister Campbell.

    “With government’s help, Agrawest will be installing a line to produce value- added foodservice potato products - key items in the market for instant mashed potatoes. I think we’ll see this company gain market share as a supplier to the food service industry and other markets.”

    The new production line will directly employ four people, as well as creating more work in the company’s packaging and shipping areas.

    “We are excited about the expansion and what this will translate into for business growth, new jobs for the Souris community, and overall business stability for our company by the addition of new value-added products. We appreciate the support of the PEI government and Innovation PEI which has been instrumental in making this expansion come to fruition,” said Agrawest company president and CEO Wally Browning.

    Agrawest currently produces potato flour, as well as granules used in instant potatoes, breads and rolls, baby foods, snack foods, entrees and pet foods.

    Expansion of the Agrawest facility is expected to be completed during the fall of 2011.