Jones Potato Chip Co. has produced popular snack foods since it was founded in 1945 by Frederick Jones. The Jones family has owned and operated the company since its inception.

    "Although many things have changed over the years, the one thing that has not is our commitment to bring our customers the freshest and best-tasting snack food possible,"said Bob Jones, Company President.

    Jones Potato Chip Co. is best known locally for its marcelled potato chips.

    In 2007, the company began production of potato sticks. Potato chips represent about 40 percent of total production, while potato sticks make up the remaining 60 percent.

    Through the sales growth of potato sticks, the company has transitioned from being a local potato chip company, serving eight counties in north central Ohio, to becoming a manufacturer for other large snack companies, grocery chain stores, and expanding the Jones brand throughout the United States.

    With the growth in demand for Jones products, the company needed to increase production capacity. In late 2008, a larger facility was purchased that more than tripled the company's square footage and enabled the company to double its hourly production.

    "Currently, we are busy working on the Global Food Safety Initiative certification, ... which once completed will put us in a position to sell to national chain stores."