Lays Pizza flavour Saudi Arabia
    Lay's, the much loved potato chip and a leading brand from PepsiCo, today revealed the conclusion to its five month 'Flavor Me' campaign to find a new flavor chip as nominated by the public.

    Following over 269,800 submissions, new Lay's Pizza-flavored potato chips were launched as the winning flavor with the highest number of submissions received by the public. The new potato chips deliver the taste of a mouth watering Pizza paired with the crispy texture of the world-famous classic potato chip.

    Commenting on the new Pizza flavored chips, General Manager of Saudi Snack Foods, Talal El-Khalil said: "Lay's has committed and delivered on its promise to launch a new flavor chip as nominated by the region's chip fans. "

    "We are thrilled at how our audience engaged with the 'Flavor Me' campaign. We received hundreds of thousands of nominations and we're delighted to have granted their wish for pizza flavor. Thank you to everyone that took part;we look forward to sharing the new flavor with you."

    A highly successful social media campaign is also to thank for such excellent public engagement. Social media channels and industry blogs brimmed with positive sentiment, and Lay's Arabia has subsequently become one of the most engaged FMCG brand communities in the region;the first snack brand in the MENA region to gain 500,000 'likes', nearly one million interactions on Facebook and a record 200,000 organic views on the Lay's Arabia YouTube channel.

    The 'Flavor Me' campaign has challenged the regions taste buds and provoked great excitement amongst Middle East chip fans, also uncovering the region's wilder taste traits, with flavors nominated including radish and vinegar, anchovies, chocolate chip, chicken with chilli and jellybeans.

    Lay's statistics wholly back the company's decision to introduce consumer empowerment;Lay's makes and sells around 100 million chips a day across 14 countries in GCC and Levant regions. What the consumer thinks really does matter, and this campaign embraces that.

    Website: Lays Arabia