Manter International Carrot weigher
    Manter International bv, based in Emmen-Holland, is since 1995 manufacturer of weighing and packaging equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry.

    Manter introduces coming year a new serie of weighing machines. The first, which was been introduced during the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, is the weigher wich is designed to weigh long vegetables, such as carrots and parsnips.

    More fast and accurate with new construction

    The Manter ca (carrot) weigher can weigh products with a length up to 350mm. Because of the length of the product the weigher is equipped with long vibrating lanes and deep weighing buckets. Between the vibrating lanes are panels wich are moving up and down. This way the product is forced into the right direction and will prevent blocking the weighing bucket.

    The weighing buckets have their own strong frame wich is mounted to the floor. The vibrating parts are mounted in a seperate frame. Both frames are separated by thick rubber buffers, this way the vibrations have less influence on the weighing proces. Because of this new construction the weigher is more fast and more accurate. The stainless steel weigher has a new design and new hard- and software. The new touch panel makes the machine easy to program and easy to operate.

    Different versions available

    The ca weigher is available in a 10 - and 12-head version. The 10-head version can weigh up to 15 tons/hour. Both versions are available with different discharge systems systems and can be combined with all types and brands of packing machines.

    The first new Manter ca weighers are sold and will be installed in next coming weeks.

    Source: Manter International