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Restrain wins Gold Medal Award at Potato Europe for Sustainable Production Techniques

September 13, 2012
The Restrain Company Ltd. have won the Gold Medal Award for Sustainable Production Techniques at the Potato Europe Fair 2012 in Villers Saint Christophe, France.

Restrain offers an Ethylene Generator that produces low levels of the natural ethylene gas to prevent potatoes from sprouting. Ethylene leaves no residue on the tuber.

The respected UNPT jury (French National Potato Growers Council), awarded Restrain the gold medal for their innovative system out of the 31 entries. The award was presented by the UNPT President Mr Patrick Trillon. The jury was particularly impressed by the new generation Restrain Ethylene Generators, which are both user friendly and compact.

The Restrain Company, which supplies the only ethylene system which is Registered and fully approved for use in France and other European countries, continues to grow and offers a residue free anti sprouting solution.

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Dirk Garos on the Gold Medal Award for Sustainable Production Techniques for Restrain at Potato Europe (in Dutch)

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Restrain offers sprout inhibitions systems for the storage of potatoes and onions based on ethylene gas.