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    ATOP Food Products

    Back in June 2011, Kiremko signed a contract with India-based ATOP Foods of Morbi, Gujarat for the supply of a complete potato chips line including all the latest innovations.

    Kiremko has been active in the Indian market since the 1990’s, but it was not until recently that opportunities to sign such a significant contract for a large capacity potato chips line in the emerging Indian snack market came along.

    Up until now, the Indian market for savoury snacks had been dominated by a large number of newly established, small processors spread all over the country. Kiremko was not able to meet the demand for rather small potato chips processing lines, often produced locally. Recently the demand came for larger, higher capacity processing lines that offer more efficient use of raw material and energy consumption and in this field Kiremko has a lot to offer.

    Potato Chips production at ATOP Food Products

    The project realized for ATOP is a direct result of the so-called Package4Growth programme, a subsidy initiated by the Dutch government, which led to the actual purchase of the equipment. Package4Growth is Dutch government financial assistance to help Dutch exporting companies to establish themselves in emerging markets like China and India for projects in key sectors such as infrastructure, environment and agro-industry.

    Given the fact that Dutch technology is not always affordable for Indian companies, the subsidy was essential to by-pass this obstacle. The new ATOP plant will therefore act as a modern reference to the entire snacks industry in India.

    Kiremko potato chips fryer at ATOP foods

    The bigger picture of this order can be considered as a remarkable step towards improving the bilateral relations between the two countries in the agricultural sector. It also demonstrates that a collective market entry strategy leads to substantial results. Kiremko joined two incoming missions this year from the Netherlands to India, including a tour with a delegation organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation as well as the Food Tech Holland Impact Tour in March.

    The latter is a consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies supplying food processing technology. Food Tech Holland operates in the food sector providing for solutions along the entire supply chain. Particularly, the group is focused on India and tailors its technologies according to the needs of the Indian market. Kiremko has been part of Food Tech Holland since the establishment of the group.

    ATOP expressed its full satisfaction with its new equipment and was particularly impressed with the high quality standard of the potato chips produced on its new Kiremko line.

    Source: Kiremko Food Processing Equipment