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     Potato Cyst Nematode
    Victorian potato growers will face fewer quarantine restrictions when selling their potatoes interstate.

    The state government yesterday announced potato farmers who have not had their crops infected by potato cyst nematode (PCN) will no longer need routine PCN surveys of their crops.

    Victorian Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh said the new regulations would be in place before this season’s harvest.

    Speaking at the Victorian Certified Seed Potato Authority annual general meeting on Tuesday, Mr Walsh said farmers had spent $2.7 million on about 21,000 soil samples since 1994.

    Victorian Potato Growers Council chairman Frank Rovers described the announcement as “a good news story that supports enforcing good farming practice using certified seed”.

    About 320 Victorian farm businesses will now be able to sell produce throughout Australia, apart from Western Australia, without PCN certification.