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Seed potato exports to Northern Ireland to restart from 30 September

Seed potato export from Scotland to Northern Ireland to resume starting September 30

September 16, 2023
Gordon MP Richard Thomson has welcomed confirmation from DEFRA that exports of seed potatoes from Scotland to Northern Ireland can restart from September 30, but has reacted with disbelief that the UK Government hasn’t raised the issue of exports to the EU since March.
Harvesting potatoes in the Netherlands in August 2023 (Courtesy: Dewulf)

Average potato production in North-western-Europe threatened by quality issues

September 14, 2023
The last 4 months was not easy going for the potato production in the NEPG region. But despite the difficult weather conditions, first yield estimates suggest a return to multi-year averages, with an estimated harvest of around 23 million tonnes of potatoes.
U.S. Potato Exports Reach Record Value and Volume July 2022 – June 2023

United States Potato Exports Reach Record Value and Volume July 2022 – June 2023

August 26, 2023
United States potato exports reached record value and volume in the 12-month period from July 2022 – June 2023. Export values increased 19.05% to USD 2.2 billion, and export volume increased 3.85% to 3.3 million metric tons (fresh weight equivalent).
Harvested potatoes

Increasing demand for potatoes from Kurdistan in Gulf countries

August 10, 2023
Following a satisfactory experience with exporting potatoes to the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks, several other Gulf states are now lining up to buy the starchy vegetable produced from the farms of the Kurdistan Region
early potato

Uzbekistan exported a record amount of potatoes to Kazakhstan

August 02, 2023
The export of early potatoes is not such a significant position in Uzbekistan’s fresh fruits and vegetables segment. However, the volume of deliveries of Uzbek potatoes to Kazakhstan in May-July this year reached a record high for at least the last two decades.
José Peláez, manager, and David González, commercial director of Patatas Arrebola

Patatas Arrebola invierte 9 millones de euros en sus nuevas instalaciones en La Rinconada Natalia Ortiz

July 17, 2023
Más de 50 años de trabajo consolidan a Patatas Arrebola como uno de los principales nombres en el sector de la patata. La compañía, de carácter familiar, trabaja para ser el proveedor de referencia para la gran distribución, y la distribución tradicional, en el sur de la Península.

Fresh potatoes

Potato export from Egypt to the European Union is up in 2023

July 17, 2023
This year Egyptian potato exports to the EU market are expected to reach at least three-year high.
Potato harvest in France

La Comisión Europea autoriza una ayudas de 5 millones de euros para apoyar a los productores de patatas franceses en el contexto de la guerra en Ucrania

July 14, 2023
La Comisión Europea ha autorizado un régimen de ayudas francés por valor de 5 millones de euros para apoyar a los productores de patata de fécula en el contexto de la guerra de Rusia contra Ucrania.
How Agristo have kept Brexit impact to a minimum

Frozen Potato manufacturer Agristo explains how they have kept Brexit impact to a minimum

June 30, 2023
Agristo is now a good 2 years into the finalization of Brexit. The French Fry company can look back up to this day and safely say Agristo has done everything to uphold one of its core values, which is to service and unburden their clients in any way possible.
Washington potatoes provide USD 7.4 billion in economic activity in the state, according to the Washington Potato Commission.

Potato growers can’t keep up with 'red hot' global demand

June 22, 2023
Washington potato farmers can’t keep pace with worldwide cravings for french fries, hash browns, tots, potato chips and other processed potato products.


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