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Potatoes in bags and in a wooden box

Government of Bangladesh takes urgent measures to stabilize potato prices ahead of National Elections early 2024

November 19, 2023
With national elections scheduled for January 7, 2024, the Bangladesh government has implemented measures to address the alarming surge in potato prices.
Yellow potatoes

With National Elections Barely Two Months Away, Bangladesh Government Is on a High Alert at Rising Potato Prices

November 13, 2023
Bangladesh Commerce Ministry, in a report, says high prices are the result of price manipulation by a syndicate of cold-storage owners.
The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) seeks BDT 9 (USD 0.11) subsidy per kg of potato stored

The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) suggests a subsidy per kg of potato stored

October 04, 2021
The annual demand for potatoes in Bangladesh is about 9 million tons. The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) urged the government to provide a BDT 9 (USD 0.11) subsidy per kilogram of potato stored in various cold storages in the country.
Potato Farmers and traders have stored 53 lakh (5.3 million) tonnes in the cold storages this year, up 32 percent year-on-year.

Bangladesh expects huge potato surplus due to increased supply and sluggish demand

August 13, 2017
Cold storage operators in Bangladesh said between 15 and 20 lakh (2 million) tonnes of potato will remain unsold by the end of the year because of sluggish demand.
Packed potatoes from Bangladesh ready for export.
(Courtesy: Megagroup)

Potato Production in Bangladesh hits all-time high

August 31, 2016
In the last fiscal year (FY'16), Bangladesh's potato production hit an all-time-high of 9.47 million tonnes, the latest data showed. However cold storage facilities showed little progress compared to the higher output.
Farmers pack potatoes in sacks at the Mohasthan wholesale vegetables market in Bogra. (Courtesy: The Daily Star / Hasibur Rahman Bilu)

Lack of storage facility compels farmers to sell potato at low prices in Bogra, Bangladesh

April 11, 2016
Thousands of farmers in Bogra, Bangladesh are compelled to sell produced potato in the local markets at low price due to a lack of storage facilities.

Long term potato storage proves profitable in Bangladesh

November 25, 2013
In Bangladesh, hoarders and wholesalers have started lifting huge quantities of potatoes from cold storages in the district Dinajpur as prices of the vegetable are rising fast in the local markets.

Workshop on Agriculture Supply Chain Study on Jute and Potato held in Bangladesh

May 17, 2012
Institute of Informatics and Development (IID) organized two dissemination workshops titled “Increasing efficiency and inclusiveness in Agriculture: Findings of the Jute and Potato supply chain study”.

Potato prices almost double in a year in Bangladesh

May 02, 2012
Prices of potato have nearly doubled over the last year, despite having sufficient supply in the market and adequate stock in the country.

Potato Farmers in Bangladesh pleased with price increases

April 23, 2012
A surge in potato prices has come as a sigh of relief to many farmers who incurred losses as massive production in the past two years has driven down prices. Prices of potato climbed 41 percent to Tk 18-Tk 20 a kilogram in the city yesterday from Tk 1...


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