Belarusian scientists develop potato drink Mikola
Belarusian scientists have developed a sweet and fragrant potato drink. They named their potato drink "Mikola". According to the scientists there is nothing like it in the world market.

Olga Koloskova, Researcher of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Foodstuffs, Ph.D.: "Potatoes are boiled under pressure. They turn into a semi-liquid mass similar to mashed potatoes, but a little more liquid. The resulting mass is clarified, and then it is evaporated and concentrated."

This is the most difficult step of preparing the potato drink. Further the base is mixed with sugar syrup, citric acid and carbon dioxide for the sparkling effect.

The taste of the potato drink reminds kvass. Besides the original version, "Mikola" has special flavours for gourmets - echinacea, thyme and hyssop.

The potato drink contains only natural ingredients.