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Cape Cod Potato chips launches two limited batch flavors
Cape Cod’s Potato Chips has launched two Limited Batch Flavors. Surprise your senses with Asiago Cheese & Italian Herb Limited Batch. It blends fragrant herbs, smooth cheese and a whisper of garlic to give you an unmistakable taste of Italy. Or if you want a bite of summer by the bay, grab a bag of Cape Cod's Back Bay Crab Seasoning.

Like summer on the Cape, they’re wonderful, but they won’t last forever. Savor the unique Cape Cod crunch of Cape Cod's Limited Batches before they’re gone.

Asiago Cheese & Italian Herbs

Blending rich Asiago cheese with light Italian herbs creates a savory combination you’ll enjoy from the first chip to the last. Cape Cod blend herbs like basil and rosemary with creamy aged, Asiago cheese and a touch of garlic for a taste you’ll simply crave. The combination of robust potato flavor and the hearty crunch of Cape Cod® kettle cooked chips make this chip the perfect Italian-inspired snack.

Back Bay Crab Seasoning

Cape Cod took its favorite crab seasoning and gave it a Cape Cod crunch. Starting with select potatoes, they are sliced thick and kettle cooked in small batches to a golden amber hue. Then an all-star list of spices including paprika, onion and salt is added, as well as a dash of sugar for a touch of sweetness. The result is a chip with a hearty, satisfying crunch and robust potato flavor that’s reminiscent of summer year-round.